How to Determine Shaft Flex


Club Length, Club Speed and Shaft Flex all work together to make the perfect club for the amateur and professional golfer. But if you have a shaft that doesn’t match your club length and swing speed – you will not get the performance that you require from your clubs.

For optimal performance – make sure you have the right golf club shaft flex. The tables below will help you determine what may suit you best and help your club designer match you with the perfect fit

Distance Hit with a Driver
(Carry Distance Only)
Recommended Flex for Woods
180 Yards Ladies Flex
181 to 200 Yards Senior Flex
From 200 to 235 Yards Regular Flex
From 236 to 275 Yards Stiff Flex
275 Yards Extra-Stiff Flex








Club Used from 150 Yards   Recommended Flex
4 iron Ladies Flex
5 iron Senior Flex
6 or 7 iron Regular Flex
8 or 9 iron Stiff Flex

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